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Veteran Resources For Trauma

Struggling With The News? We Can Help

Disturbing and graphic footage of the situation in Afghanistan was opened up old wounds for our veteran and active service communities and their loved ones.

You are not alone.

Veterans may question the meaning of their service or whether it was worth the sacrifices they made. They may feel more moral distress about experiences they had during their service. It’s normal to feel this way. Talk with your friends and families, reach out to battle buddies, connect with a peer-to-peer network, or sign up for mental health services. Scroll down for a list common reactions and coping advice provided to us by the Gulf Coast Veterans Health System.

Resources available right now:

  1. This link will take you to the page where you can search for help at your location:

  1. At the bottom page you will see this image.
Screengrab of Veterans Crisis Line Website (1)

  1. Select Find Support Near You

  1. It will take you to a page titled Local Resources and the following image
    Screengrab of Veterans Crisis Line Website (2)
  2. Be sure to follow the rest of the instructions in order to find the best resources available to you locally.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome, we are doing everything we can to help. We will not leave anyone behind.