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Help Leaving Afghanistan

Helping People Get To Safety

If you know of a U.S. Citizen, family members of U.S. Citizens, or an American ally that is currently in Afghanistan and needs help getting out, PLEASE fill out the linked form below and contact our Casework Director Dorothy Richardson over e-mail (

In order for our caseworkers to process your request, you will have to fill out this form online!

At the top of the web form, you will see a download link to an excel worksheet. PLEASE fill out a ROW for EVERY INDIVIDUAL you are trying to help get out of Afghanistan. E-mail this link to Dorothy Richardson so we can send it to the Department of State.


Online form not working? If your situation is not allowing you to complete the online form above, we have links to two PDFs and an excel worksheet that are required by the Department of State for you to complete and e-mail to

(PDF) Privacy Act Form

(PDF) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Privacy Release

(XLS) Afghans At-Risk Data Entry DOS Processing:

While we cannot guarantee the outcome, we are doing everything we can to help. We will not leave anyone behind.