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Veterans' Legal Aid Program


The Florida Legislature approved $500,000 to staff and launch a statewide Veterans Legal Helpline Project. The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with Bay Area Legal Services to lead the initiative, which is now underway.

The Veterans Legal Helpline is available to eligible veterans living in Florida. To apply for their services, call (866) 486-6161, Monday-Friday, 9.a.m.-4:30 p.m. If your matter is not an emergency, you can also apply online. 

Eligible Members Are:

  • Veterans 
  • Qualifying Veteran Dependants 
    • unremarried Widows
    • children under 26 enrolled full time in school
  • Service members 
    • Active Duty, Reserve, National guard 
  • DOD Qualifying dependants 

Types of Cases Handled:

Veterans Benefits:

  • Initial claims and appeals
  • Discharge upgrades
  • Character of discharge review

Family Cases:

  • Divorce
  • Custody and timesharing
  • Modifications of child support

Housing Cases:

  • Problems with your landlord
  • Foreclosure

Drivers Licenses:

  • Suspensions due to court fees and fines
  • Suspensions due to child support
  • Problems obtaining IDs

Social Security:

  • SSI and SSDI initial claims

Advanced Directives:

  • Living will and health care surrogate

Criminal Records:

  • Expungement and sealing